“Dan ketahuilah bahawa harta benda kamu dan anak-anak kamu itu hanyalah menjadi ujian dan sesungguhnya di sisi Allah jualah pahala yang besar.” - Surah Al-Anfaal, ayat 28

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Minggu ke-9

Tak ada apa-apa yang istimewa berlaku sepanjang dari minggu lepas ke hari ini.
Semuanya biasa je. Cuma, Zuha ada sedikit bleeding semalam. Risau jugak aku. Tapi Zuha kata, benda camtu adalah normal. Esok kami akan berjumpa Doktor Norleen. Tak sabar pulak rasanya. Esok genap minggu ke-9 buat Zuha.

Info mengenai minggu ke-9.(dari www.amazingpregnancy.com)

Pregnancy Week 9

The Mom:

Good nutrition is important during pregnancy. You should plan on increasing your calorie intake between 300-95% calories daily. These extra calories provide the extra energy needed for growth in both you and baby.


Everyone hopes for a smooth pregnancy, but sometimes problems can and do develop. Here are some of the possible complications that can arise. If you have any questions about any of these, be sure to ask your health care provider.

Preeclampsia is a high blood pressure condition that can develop in pregnancy. If left untreated it can reduce the oxygen flow to your baby. Symptoms include: elevated blood pressure, protein in the urine and headaches. Your Health Care Provider (HCP) will monitor you at each visit for any signs of preeclampsia.

Spotting during early pregnancy is something every pregnant woman fears. It is possible to bleed heavily and not miscarry or harm baby, but you should make your HCP aware of any spotting you have. Sometimes spotting may be due to an impending miscarriage, you HCP may be able to do an ultrasound scan to see if baby is developing normally.

Ectopic or tubal pregnancies are when the fertilized egg implants in the fallopian tubes. If it's not detected early enough the tube will eventually rupture, with causes severe pain. Surgery is required to terminate the pregnancy, and sometimes, you may also lose the fallopian tube. If it's detected early enough, rupture can often be prevented by medication that causes the embryo to be reabsorbed. Symptoms include: pain in the side of the abdomen, and vaginal bleeding.


Breast Changes, tenderness, fullness, darkening of the areola
Frequent Urination
Morning Sickness
Indigestion or heartburn
Occasional headaches

The Baby:
Can you believe that your baby is now an inch long? That's right, the average embryo is .9 - 1.2 inches long at this point. This week, you could now see your baby's external ears. Feet and hands are continuing to form and the fingers and toes are starting to be visible. Baby is now moving about, although you probably won't feel this movement until about your 16th week.


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